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You want to live in Cyprus but don’t know how to navigate through the bureaucratic hurdles?

Pink slip Cyprus connects you with specialized immigration consultants to get residency in Cyprus for you and your family.


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How We Work

Avoid the risk of being rejected by the immigration department and achieve a 100% chance of success with our experience.


Get advice on the Benefits & Requirements

We provide you and your family with a clear understanding on the benefits of the Pink Slip in Cyprus.


We collect the required documents

We collect all of the documents required by the immigration department and resolve any missing document.


We prepare the application forms

We fill out all of the required forms for you and your family.



Appointment with the immigration department

We schedule the appointment at the earliest date and escort you to your appointment.


We monitor the progress of your application

We keep a close eye on the status of your application.


Receive your temporary residence permits

Once your permits are delivered, we collect them and deliver them to you.


A Trusted Team

Our immigration consulting partner involves experienced immigration experts, advisors on banking, insurance and real estate experts to support you at every stage of your application. 

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